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10 Ways to Get Rid of Deep and Prolonged Sadness

10 Ways to Get Rid of Deep and Prolonged Sadness – Every human being has experienced sadness. Some can handle it easily, some can drag on and lead to bad things. It all depends on how we deal with the problem. This is how to get rid of prolonged sadness!

If you are in a sad state, because someone left you or because of any problem. Maybe the following ways to get rid of deep and prolonged sadness can help you. Or at least cut your burden.

1. Don’t Bear Your Own Burden

You will feel more relieved when problems are faced together. One way is to tell stories with friends or people closest to you.

By just letting out the things that make you sad, it’s actually a bit of a cure and makes you more relieved.

Believe me, friends or closest people will always be there when you are sad or happy. If they disappear when you need them, it means they are not your true friends.

2. Be Productive

Productive will make you forget the sadness you are going through. Being productive can also distract your mind with something more productive.

Anything you can do to keep you busy, such as cleaning your room, or looking for other productive work.

3. Sports

In addition to making the body healthy, it turns out that exercise has a number of other surprising benefits. One of them it can drop your sadness.

Continuous sadness can trigger other very harmful negative effects, such as depression. Well, by exercising, you can suppress this level of depression.

In addition, the hormones that make you happy and excited, will grow up if you exercise regularly.

In principle, by exercising you will have a counter effect of the sadness you are experiencing, which makes you happier.

4. Refreshing

To refresh your tangled brain, there’s nothing wrong for a moment looking for a place that can be a way to get rid of prolonged sadness.

For example, to the beach, mountains, or anywhere that can refresh your brain.

Upon your return from the holiday, your brain will be fresher and able to think more clearly about the sadness you are facing.

For those who like traveling, there’s nothing wrong with traveling to a place you’ve dreamed of for a long time!

5. Cry

The next way to get rid of deep sadness is to cry. Sadness is very synonymous with crying, not only girls, even boys if they feel deep sadness can cry too. And it’s so natural!

There are studies conclude that crying can relax the body by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that can have a calming effect on the body.

In addition, crying can also activate the parasympathetic nerves whose function is to restore the body caused by stress and trauma.

So, one way to get rid of sadness that is quite effective is to cry. But don’t cry too often, just at the beginning of the incident.

6. Avoiding Sadness Triggers

Actually, it’s not good to run away from reality. But, if you think avoiding it will make you better, then just do it for the time being.

Because, basically the problem or misfortune that is befalling it must be faced with mental strength.

But for that situation, it’s better if you avoid the trigger of your sadness first. The goal is to recover your heart from sadness.

The more you come into contact with the trigger of sadness, the more likely you will continue to sink and be difficult to treat.

So, avoiding it can be a wise way to get rid of your sadness.

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7. Listening to Music

One of the most effective ways to deal with prolonged sadness is to listen to music. Music can change a person’s mood.

Examples of good songs or music that you listen to when you’re sad are instrumental music and nature sounds.

Try listening to Enya, Airstream or nature music, that way you will feel calmer.

If you like meditation, you can try to listen to meditative music. You can also listen to lively major-chord music. It will make you more energized and the mood will bounce back.

At times like this, it’s best not to listen to mellow songs whose rhythms and lyrics make you more sad in deep!

8. Smile

It’s really hard to smile when the situation is not possible. But in fact, it turns out that smiling can make you feel better.

By smiling, you will activate the muscles around your eyes and mouth. As a result, it has a good effect on changing your mood.

If you’re used to always smiling when things are normal, even when it’s hard you can smile!

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9. Focus on the Good

Focusing on something good or positive is also a powerful way to get rid of sadness.

By diverting your energy, your bad feelings in the past will turn 180 degrees into positive forces.

Focusing on the good things will also forget what is going on, because you are busy with something new.

Try to remember what positive things you have lived so far.

In the current state, you can carry out these positive activities. Just do what you think is easiest.

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10. Get Closer to God

There is no more powerful way to get rid of sadness than to draw closer to God.

You can pray and ask for the problem that makes you sad to be resolved soon. Or worship according to your own religion and belief.

Guaranteed, once you get closer to God, your sadness will soon disappear. And of course, you will always think positively in everything.

Now you know how to get rid of prolonged sadness. So, don’t get too lost in sadness. There are still many things that make you happy out there!