Poster: Definition, Characteristics and How to Make It

What is a Poster?

Poster is an announcement sheet that is displayed in a public place (in the form of an announcement or in the form of an advertisement).

A poster usually has pictures or text posted in crowded places that are easily seen by the public.

Posters are made with the aim that the information in the posters is known to the public, to attract people to buy, use, or follow the contents of the posters.

Characteristics of the Poster

Unlike other announcements, posters have their own identity according to the characteristics they have, including the text used.

The text in the poster must comply with the following elements:

  • Poster text must be short, concise, clear, and attractive.
  • In posters it is not allowed to use verbose sentences.
  • The text used must be suggestive (influencing), effective (concise), and easy to remember.
  • If the poster includes an image, then the image must match the theme in the poster, have clear colors and illustrations, and not be too flashy.
  • Memorable, although people read it as they pass.
  • Displayed on a flat surface, and in strategic locations or in public places.
  • Consists of letters, numbers, symbols, pictures or a combination thereof.
  • Designed on a paper or cloth.

How to Make a Poster

Here are some things that must be considered in making posters:

  • Define content: announcement or advertisement.
  • Choose short, concise, and communicative words.
  • Write the announcement in a large size so that it is easily understood by the public.
  • Try to make the announcement attractive.
  • Use different colors and good fonts so that the message can attract the attention of the public.
  • Provide illustrations in the form of images to make the poster more attractive.

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