How to Wake up Early

How to Wake Up Early In the Morning: 6 Proven Tips

How to Wake Up Early In the Morning: 6 Proven Tips – Sometimes, waking up early is a problem for some people. Some are very easy, some are very difficult to wake up even in any way.

In fact, waking up late in the morning can also be a serious problem. Just imagine if you’re always late to the office because you wake up late, in a short time maybe you can get a warning from the office, you can even get fired!

So many reasons why it’s so difficult to wake up earlier, the most common reason is related to insomnia. Many insomniacs end up taking drugs so they can sleep and eventually wake up on time.

If you want to avoid sleeping pills, try some of the tips below that can make you wake up early in the morning.

1. Busy Yourself at Night

The first list in how to wake up early is to keep yourself busy at night.

One of the things that makes people sleepy is when they are tired. You can make yourself tired in several ways, such as sports or other physical activity.

When you are too busy and sweat all day long, you feel tired. Then biologically, your body will react to restore your energy, that is, with a sleepy response.

If you can’t do sports, try to play with your kids or clean up your collection. By doing so, there will be tiredness and sleepiness.

2. Set an Alarm

Setting an alarm is also a great way to wake up early. This conventional method has been in use for decades and is very effective.

If you fall asleep again after setting the alarm, there is a good way that you can do, is to keep the alarm out of range. So, when the alarm goes off you need an effort to turn off the alarm, so you will start moving and be more refreshed.

3. Asking People to Wake Up

When the alarm isn’t working for you, it’s time to ask someone for help. Ask your spouse, siblings or parents to wake you up.

Make sure that the person is used to getting up on time. It’s useless if you ask someone who isn’t used to waking up early, you might wake up late too.

4. Start Slowly

Could you wake up at 6 am if you are used to wake up at 9? No need to worry. This is possible, especially if you have strong intentions.

However, you can not change the habit quickly. That means, don’t make drastic changes. In fact, you can try to wake up in the morning slowly.

Try for a week, waking up 15-20 minutes earlier than usual. If this trick works, then try to wake up an hour earlier for the next week. And so on.

After successfully waking up an hour earlier, try to wake up 2 hours earlier for the next week. Do this gradually until you reach your goal time, such as, until 6 am.

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5. Don’t Eat Before Bed

Another way that you can do to wake up early is to avoid big meals before going to bed.

Did you know that what you eat before bed can affect sleep quality?

Yes, it turns out that eating big meals right before bed can cause the body, which should be resting, to be busy processing the food you just ate.

This can disturb your sleep, leading to sleep deprivation. Therefore, if you are hungry at night, it is better to eat healthy snacks and avoid big meals.

In addition, to quickly fall asleep and sleep better, avoid foods that contain stimulants such as caffeine. Instead of getting sleepy quickly, caffeine can actually keep you awake.

Not only that, also avoid fatty and spicy foods.

If you consume caffeine, spicy or fatty foods, as a result, your intention to wake up early goes away because you couldn’t sleep all night!

6. Intention

Last and most important, how to wake up early is to have strong intentions.

Intend yourself to wake up early when you want to go to bed. When a strong intention is in your mind, it will indirectly stimulate your subconscious to force you to get out of bed at any time you want.

Don’t underestimate the power of intention. Basically, any success you have made came from strong intentions, right?

So, do the same thing to wake up early!

Hopefully you can try how to wake up early in the morning as above.