how to use social media wisely

How to Use Social Media Wisely: 3 Things to Think About

How to Use Social Media Wisely: 3 Things to Think About – When you hear the word “social media“, what comes to your mind?

Bad comments, invalid information, chat with friends or meet old friends?

Whatever you do on internet, it will definitely have an impact on the people around you. This time we will discuss how to use social media wisely.

As technology advances, interacting with each other is so easy, including communication matters.

As we know, social media is a powerful platform for humans to communicate with each other without meeting in person.

Plus, the increase in smartphone users allows everyone to have their own social media platform. In fact, one person can have more than one account.

In line with that, you finally need to be careful about using this online-based platform, because there are already many laws that apply to fighting crimes in the cyber world.

Here are some tips for using social media wisely, so that this platform will actually help your life. Keep scrolling!

Take Care of Your Privacy

First rule, how to use social media wisely is not to over-expose your privacy. Social media is a digital product, where you have to keep your privacy as good as possible.

Digital footprint is hard to forget, including your memories in it. Therefore, you should not be too open with your personal life. Respect the privacy that you and your family have.

The point is, not everything you need to post, and believe me, not everyone wants to know what you do or what your personal life background is.

Think Before Sharing

Apart from communication, social media can also be used as a place to share. You can share any knowledge on this platform, be it valid information or HOAX news.

If you share valid information, then you have shared kindness and knowledge with people. However, if you share HOAX or fake news, then you are part of the lie itself. Trust me, this has legal consequences too!

Therefore, it takes wisdom and careful thought before you share information on the internet.

Maybe you can compare several sources as a reference, or you can ask someone who is competent about the validity of the news you want to share.

Don’t Be Harsh

Lots of people who are new to internet are always making rude or inappropriate comments.

In fact, you are a reflection of your comments. So, if you comment badly or are full of insults, that’s you!

Many think that not meeting face to face means that you are completely anonymous, but the truth is, you are not. You will still be easy to track!

Note, maybe you don’t know who you interact with on social media, or what their background is. It’s possible that you met an IT expert or law enforcement. Surely you will be easy to track!

It is important to interact on social media as well as face-to-face interaction, so that we can keep commenting well.

I’ve heard that many people get depressed or become insecure because of hate speech, bullying or bad comments. This means that someone’s comments or judgments can have a very negative impact on a person’s life.

On the other hand, many people find their confidence back after receiving good support from favorable comments.

So, ask yourself, do you want to say something good or bad?

Maybe that’s just a few tips we can give about how to use social media wisely. Remember, you are the reflection of your comments. Keep your fingers!