How to memorize something fast

How to Memorize Something Fast: 8 Simple Ways

How to Memorize Something Fast: 8 Simple Ways – Many people say, if you want to be smart and master many things, you have to memorize them. Maybe that’s true, but some people find it difficult to accept it, considering that everyone has a different way of learning.

Apart from the pros and cons, there is nothing wrong if you can memorize something fast, right?

So, how to memorize something fast?

Well, if you want to memorize something fast, follow the methods below!

1. Choose the Right Time to Memorize

Know the right time when your brain power can bring out 100% of its ability.

Some are easy to memorize during a quiet night, morning, afternoon, or before going to bed. Find out the best time for you.

In addition, you also need to choose the right moment to memorize. For example, when you’re not at work, when you don’t have much trouble, or when you’re in a bad mood.

2. Refresh Yourself

You can take a shower or clean yourself first before memorizing.

In addition to making your body fresh, it will also make your brain more fresh. As a result, you will find it easier to concentrate, more enthusiastic, and ultimately your memory will be more powerful.

3. Choose the Right Place

Optimize memory by paying attention to your surroundings. For most people, choosing a place that is completely safe from distractions is a must. That way, they will feel more comfortable and more focused.

However, some people can do the opposite. They prefer crowded public places. In fact, they are more focused if they are in a crowded atmosphere.

You know the best place for you!

In essence, try to find the most conducive place to memorize, and let’s get started!

4. Record What You Memorize

Next, how to memorize something fast is to record all the information that is already in your mind.

You can use your smartphone to record what you have memorized, then re-evaluate.

This is the easiest way to test all your memories. In addition, reciting it will force the brain to work harder to remember.

5. Repeat Up to Several Times

The third way to memorize fast is by repeating the new information. You can do this by reading or listening to the material you want to memorize.

By repeating reading or listening, the brain will indirectly recognize and get used to new information. Because, the brain will record repeatedly until it’s easy to remember again.

You can do this every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes.

6. Create Specific Abbreviations

Usually, the problem when memorizing is that there are so many letters and numbers that you have to remember.

The solution is to create certain abbreviations to memorize a number of words. FYI, the brain will find it easier to remember something minimalist than complex words. The shorter the word, the easier it is for the brain to record it.

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7. Teach Someone or Yourself

If you want to memorize something fast, teach someone what you have memorized.

You can do it yourself, by talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Or, act like you’re teaching someone.

When you teach someone, you are actually opening your memory again. That means, in addition to teaching, you are repeating memories again. The more often you repeat, the faster you memorize it, right?

8. Consumption of Nutritious Food

Lastly, how to memorize something fast by eating healthy and nutritious food.

It is undeniable, with the right intake, your body and the organs in it will work optimally. No exception with the senses of sight, hearing, and the brain that functions directly when memorizing.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein regularly to support your brain nerves health. Of course, a healthy brain will function optimally. Including easy to memorize.

Well, that’s how to memorize something fast in easy ways. Hope it helps you in memorizing!