how to be more creative in thinking

How to Be More Creative In Thinking

How to Be More Creative In Thinking – Many people think that having a college degree means having more creativity. In fact, creativity never depends on how high a person’s education.

Why? It is because creative people are those who want to train their minds to find new things.

That means, being a creative person doesn’t need higher education. As long as you keep trying to find something new, then you can be a creative person.

In this article, we present specially for you how to be more creative in thinking. Hopefully your creativity can be even more brilliant.

1. Change the Mindset

The starting point for being a creative person is your mind. So, start by changing your mindset about creative people.

Many think that creativity is an inborn talent, which not everyone has. In fact, creativity is something you can learn and practice.

2. Think Simply

If you think that how to be more creative starts with something complex, then change your mindset!

Many people think that creative ideas come from complex thinking. Yet precisely the creative ideas are result of a simple thought.

Creative ideas can come from simple things. And then they develop into more creative and different ideas.

3. Write What You Want and What You Feel

Trust me, sometimes creative ideas will come by accident. It can seem suddenly when you are in mass transit, even when you daydream in the toilet.

When that idea comes up, write it down soon. This is useful so that the idea can be recorded, and you will always remember. So, whenever you need fresh ideas, you can go back to your notes, and see interesting and workable ideas.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Did you know that staying in your comfort zone for too long can make your mind uncreative?

Yes, it is true! The reason is, because you only think about your zone, without realizing other interesting things out there. That’s what keeps you stuck!

Of course, getting out of your comfort zone requires sacrifice. But, this condition will force you to think harder in search of something new.

You will never find anything new when in the same condition. Never be afraid to be different, because different things will create creative ideas.

5. Stick with Creative People

Next, how to be more creative in thinking is stick with creative people so that you get positive vibe.

Being around with creative people will give you many benefits. As your ideas get stuck, there will be other inputs and perspectives you may never have thought of. Because it could be that your point of view is too fixated on one point and lazy to find a new angle.

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6. Do Traveling

The new environment will trigger the mind to think more creatively. One way is by traveling.

This method has been tested enough to shower you with new, original, and fresh ideas.

When you travel, you will find new people and even be able to try new things that you have never done before.

7. Listening to Music

Listening to music while working can help you focus more. Likewise, it will make you think more creatively.

Music is a product of creativity. When you hear something creative, you indirectly learn something creative.

Whatever the music is, as long as you like it, it will help keep you in a good mood. Even music can calm your restless heart.

Everyone’s taste in music is different. However, many believe that classical and electronic music can improve mood. As well as better creativity.

Being creative doesn’t always need great talent or a college degree. How to be more creative in thinking is something that you can learn and develop. Basically, everyone has this element inside him. Remember, creativity is the work of your mind which is manifested in real work.