Dark Web Facts

Dark Web Facts You Should Know

Dark Web Facts You Should Know – Maybe you’ve heard the terms “dark web” or “deep web.” In short, they are a collection of sites untouched by popular search engines.

There is a lot of “not so true” news about the dark web. Although there is some truth to it, many of the news are untrue and exaggerated. So what are some interesting facts about the dark web? Here’s the summary!

Accessed via TOR Browser

The first dark web fact, it can only be accessed via the TOR browser.

The Onion Router or commonly known as TOR browser is a browser to access and browse the dark web.

It uses a feature type encryption function similar to a virtual private network (VPN). So, browsing using TOR is considered the safest way.

However, some hackers have found a way to get around the encryption on TOR. So browsing only with TOR is still unsecure.

A better way to browse the deep web is to combine the TOR browser with a VPN. However, if you don’t understand how it works, you shouldn’t to try at all.

Using the .onion Domain Extension

The majority of browsers on the market can only open certain popular domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .org and others.

However, sites with the pseudo top-level domain suffix .onion can only be accessed by certain browsers, such as TOR. As a result, sites ending with .onion are much more difficult to track and report.

Therefore, many websites on the dark web use the domain name with unusual names.

Browsing the Dark Web is not a Crime

Many people have a misunderstanding about the dark web, they think that browsing on the deep web is a form of crime.

In fact, if you just browse, you will not break the law. However, if you do transactions or do things that are against the law, that’s a crime!

It is undeniable that the deep web is a free network. So anything can be sold there, including prohibited items.

Please note, not all marketplace sites on the dark web only sell prohibited items. There are also many legal items for sale.

Besides, you are actually legal to join forums or chat with everyone there. Unless you agree to plan a crime, that’s called breaking the law.

Not Everyone Uses the Dark Web for a Crime

When you hear the “dark web”, what most people think is something negative, such as the sale of illegal substances, illegal content and many illegal things.

That’s not entirely true. Many access the dark web for reasons that have nothing to do with crime. For example, they want to be more private or anonymous.

In addition, they are also more free to express their opinions in discussion forums because their privacy is more guaranteed. In essence, they can do anything more freely than the open internet (clear net).

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Bitcoin (BTC) Becomes the Most Common Transaction Tool

Last on the dark web facts list is about the payment method.

Since the widespread use of this digital currency, it also has an impact on the dark web. Many transactional sites use Bitcoin as a medium of payment.

Bitcoin also relies on cryptography to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. As a decentralized form of currency, Bitcoin is difficult to track (though not impossible), making it easy to use for purchases on the dark web.

Apart from BTC, transactions sometimes use other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. However, Bitcoin is the most common.

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Those are some dark web facts you should know. This article should be used as knowledge only. If you don’t really understand what the dark web is, then don’t access it!