4 Main Criteria in Choosing a Property Location for

4 Main Criteria in Choosing a Property Location for Investment

4 Main Criteria in Choosing a Property Location for Investment – Property investment is still a promising business. One of them is because of the availability of land. The available land on earth is limited, while humans continue to increase in number. Land and property prices will ultimately increase.

With considerations like the above, it is not surprising that many choose to invest in property.

However, you should have the right strategy in property investment. There are several rules that you need to do so that the investment return can be as expected.

The main rule you need to think is about location. A good property must at least meet the four location criteria as below.

Have good access to the city center

Try to choose a location that has access to the city center. The location near the city center will attract more people to buy your property.

They will consider that the closer to the city center, the easier and more cost-effective mobility will be.

Good access to the city center does not mean the location is right around the city center. You can choose a location that is connected to the city center through infrastructure such as toll roads.

Or, the location is not far from mass transit facilities.

Invest in sunrise property

You may think that successful property investment can only be done in properties in established areas. Even though there is nothing wrong with investing in a newly developed location or more commonly called sunrise property.

Properties that are included in the sunrise category are not only newly developed properties, but also properties with high economic potential. An example is property developed in sub-urban cities.

If you see the movement of people who work in big cities, there is a shift from living in cities to living in suburban.

Of course, the investment value in the satellite area will increase from year to year. So, think about it!

Near to major infrastructure

One of the selling points of property is the ease of access to the main infrastructure.

Properties near to major infrastructure such as toll roads or airports generally have more demand. For that, it’s a good idea to choose a property near that wherever you are.

You can also choose locations near to government infrastructure development projects. Moreover, the location is a priority for government development.

Being on the inflow

This last point is arguably the most important criterion in choosing a location for property investment. By choosing a location that is on the inflow, the property will have a higher resale value.

Inflow means the area that people are going to demographically. Human movement tends to approach the area instead of moving away from it. Usually this area is inline with an industrial area or between the port and the city center.

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Those are some of the criteria that must be met for a property investment location. If a property is able to meet these four criteria, it is certain that the return given will also be high.