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Top 7 Best Music Production Software For Beginners

Top 7 Best Music Production Software For Beginners – This age is the digital era. Everything is use the digital form, including to make music by digital recording system.

Making a music with professional and worthy outcome to sell, now it’s possible and easier. You can make it in your room with simple tools and music production software only.

It’s different from the old days, where if you want to record a song professionally, then the musician need to spend much money to buy the analog tape. And also pay the recording studio at the same time.

This progress that brings out the business idea to make Home Recording a.k.a. home studio recording, which relies on PC software as a recording medium, and as a substitute for analog instruments.

Well, if you want to make songs in digital format (digital recording), here are some of the best music production software for beginners.

1. Nuendo

Steinberg’s music software is very popular among musicians. Starting from amateur to professionals often use this software for mixing and recording purposes.

Its rich and easy-to-use features are Nuendo’s advantages over its competitors.

Another that, no need the high-end PC to operate this DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). In terms of results, everything depends on the engineer and quality of the instruments.

However, because of its rich features, it allows you to change the audio input become “pro” sound that you want.

If you want to buy the software, you can visit Steinberg Nuendo.

2. Reason

For making song arrangements in midi format, Reason is one of the top software. This Propellerhead music production software has complete sound samples, from drums to orchestras. Maybe just the vocals that aren’t there!

In addition to various midi instruments, Reason is also complete with editing features and various gears. It will make the instrument sound more customizable.

3. Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops

No less popular – maybe even more popular than Reason. If you look at the function, Fruity Loops is almost the same as Reason, which focuses on making midi-based music.

What makes Fruity Loops so popular is probably because of its ease of use rather than Reason.

In terms of sound quality, both are equally good and have the same complete features.

Well, this is not a comparison, because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The music software released by Image-Line is not only used by beginners. Even many world-class professional DJs use this software to produce their music.

Another advantage is that you can link Fruity Loops with other DAWs, like Nuendo or Cubase.

4. Cubase


Steinberg Cubase is a very powerful music software from Steinberg. Not only amateur musicians who use it, producers and professional sound engineers around the world also rely on Cubase as their DAW.

Basically, Cubase’s controls and features are not much different from Nuendo’s, maybe like twins (you know, they’re both Steinberg products). Of course, Nuendo users will be familiar with this DAW.

Cubase also supports DirectX and VST plugins, just like Nuendo. And again, just as friendly to your PC!

5. WaveLab


If previously we discussed software for production and mixing, the next is WaveLab which is very powerful for music mastering needs.

WaveLab is a mastering software made by Steinberg. The features provided are more specific for mastering needs, although they can also be used for multi-track recording.

Although it is rich in cool features, using WaveLab is not that difficult. So, many choose this music software as an option for mastering songs.

6. Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Ableton Live has an excellent reputation in the music industry for being one of the best music production software.

Actually, its use is similar to Reason and Fruity Loops, both focusing on making midi music.

Apart from producing midi, Ableton Live is often used for live performances by techno DJs.

If pro DJs use it, why don’t you?

7. Pro Tools

Pro Tools best music production software

This is a very powerful music production software in the world of digital recording, Pro Tools.

Pro Tools is the best music production software for multi-track recording, editing and mixing ever.

Unfortunately, using pro tools is not as easy as operating Nuendo or Cubase. However, its rich features make this software always the choice for major international recording studios.

When it comes to price, Pro Tools makes you think twice. But actually, investing in Pro Tools is worth it, considering the best audio quality you’ll get.

Although there are many DAW software with modern interfaces, there are still many idealistic sound engineers who can’t stay away from Pro Tools. It looks like the hardest competitor is Nuendo only!

That’s a little summary of the best music production software for beginners. Which do you prefer?