Benefits of solar energy

9 Benefits of Solar Energy for Living Things

9 Benefits of Solar Energy for Living Things – The sun is object in our solar system, which has benefits as a source of energy for life on Earth. In addition to energy sources, the sun also gives us light during the day.

The light emitted by the sun, is very useful for this Earth. Also, this energy source is infinity. So that there are many benefits for human activities and other living things.

The following are some benefits of solar energy for living things. Among them:

1. Keeping Earth’s Temperature

The benefits of solar energy for living things, the first, can keep up the temperature of the earth.

The Earth is kept warm, thanks to the heat from the sun. Humans will not be able to live in weather that is too cold, nor too hot.

For example, in a desert where the weather is so extreme, no human can live in that area. Likewise, with the poles, which are known for their cold snowy weather, no humans can survive in the area.

If there is no sun shining on the earth, then the temperature on Earth will be too cold. The water will freeze, and the impact is that no living things can live on Earth.

2. Day and Night Time Guide

The movement of the Earth on its axis, makes some areas receive sunlight, and some not.

The part that gets sunlight, it will be day and bright. On the other hand, if there is no sunlight, it will turn into a dark night.

Can you imagine if there was no sun?

The earth will be in constant darkness. It also does not have a good impact on the balance of nature.

Day and night is finally a measure of time for humans. Thus, humans can live regularly, and know when to move, and when to rest.

3. Play a Role in the Water Cycle

The sun’s heat plays an important role in the water cycle on Earth. The heat from the sun can evaporate water, and turn it into water vapour. Evaporated examples such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and other waters.

The water that has evaporated, then becomes saturated in the clouds, then becomes water spots, then it will fall back into rain.

Rain is very beneficial for the life of living things. Rain also makes the water cycle on Earth.

The vapor in the clouds, in addition to forming rain, will also form snow in cold regions.

4. Photosynthesis for Plants

Next, the benefits of solar energy for life on Earth can also be felt by plants.

The process of photosynthesis in plants also depends on sunlight. The results of photosynthesis are then circulated to all parts of the plant, which is what makes plants grow and develop.

In addition, photosynthesis will also produce oxygen. Oxygen is very important role for the life of living things, where we all breathe oxygen.

5. Helps Dry Process

The benefits of solar energy for living things further, which can help the drying process.

Many things in this world need a drying process, such as when drying clothes. Sunlight can help clothes dry faster.

Drying is also useful for drying grain that is dried in the sun by farmers. In addition, various processed foods can be made from the drying process. Such as crackers and salted fish in some countries.

In addition to using the potential of sunlight, the drying process can also be helped by the wind.

6. Solar Power Plant

One of the benefits of solar energy for living things (especially humans) which is very useful is that it can generate power

At this time, electricity can drive the equipment used by humans, so its role cannot be ignored.

The tool for converting solar energy into power is a solar panel which is composed of solar cells.

In some developed countries, the population has started to use solar energy which is more environmentally friendly. One form is to build a power plant that uses solar energy. It is called a solar power plant.

This plant is claimed to be more environmentally friendly, because it is driven by an eternal energy source.

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7. Human Health

Furthermore, humans get the benefits of solar energy for health. Sunlight plays an important role for human health. For example, it helps improve bone health.

In addition, the sun can also kill germs. Therefore, homes or people who are often exposed to the morning sun, they will be healthier than those who don’t or receive less light.

8. Benefits of Solar Energy for Animals

The benefits of solar energy for living things are useful for animals to get vitamin D, increase body temperature by absorbing heat, and useful for nocturnal animals as a timer.

Some nocturnal animals, use the indicator of sunlight as a marker of their time. So, as the sun goes down, the nocturnal animals get active. On the other hand, during the day they usually sleep.

9. Center of the Milky Way

The sun is the center of the solar system, so the planets in our solar system will revolve around the sun.

In addition to the planets that have their own gravity, so does the sun. In fact, the sun’s gravity is able to attract the planets, which finally form the solar system that we know as the Milky Way.

Those are some benefits of solar energy for living things. Hopefully we will be more grateful after knowing the positive benefits.